Friday, May 12, 2006

MUSIC: Right On Dynamite

A new(to me) music find by the music slut is Right on Dynamite from Brooklyn (check out their myspace page if that's your bag). Their sound is right down the alley of popular indie rock (is that a oxymoron?) a la, in the words of TMS, a lovechild of Weezer and Bloc Party. One track even has hand claps! There's another influence (maybe The Stokes) I can't quite put my finger on...... Either way, it's some damn good stuff.
Here are a couple newly mastered tracks.

::: Right On Dynamite - Hard To Know
::: Right On Dynamite - Pull The Wool

Exchanged an email with bandmember Dan who informed me that a 7" is in the works as long as an official website. Scheduled shows coming up are:

May 29 - Mercury Lounge (New York, NY)
June 9 - Union Pool (Brooklyn, NY)
June 29 - Northsix (Brooklyn, NY)

Hey, new music, alright.
(PS - A third track is on their myspace page)