Monday, May 08, 2006

MUSIC: Think About Life

Definitely not the first, and certainly not the last, to post about Think About Life. The latest release from Alien8 Recordings, this Canadian band is oft-compared to their north-of-the-border compatriots Wolf Parade. I can buy the comparisons to a point, but this duo is still fully residing in the noise/experimental phase of their musical maturity while Wolf Parade moved past it by the release of their first proper album (not that it's a bad thing, i like the noise/exp scene). What draws me to their music is that it's a little out there, a little new sounding, a little different...... But just how different? Fresh off reading Pitchfork's review of the Gnarls Barkley album where they re-hash the popular "this has been done before" debate, it's something to think about. So here are a few tracks from Think About Life's self-titled debut album.

::: Think About Life - Paul Cries
::: Think About Life - What The Future Might Be
::: Think About Life - The Blue Sun

(For you Pitchfork-0philes and Pitchfork-o-haters alike, one of my favorite websites is called Pitchformula which is still quite interesting/relevant even though it's a couple years old. Also, since it's old, many of you have probably already seen this.)

[Photo credit goes to MemoryMotel's Flickr page. Just FYI, Flickr is awesome.]