Monday, May 08, 2006

MUSIC: Indie Pop Monday

It's a bright shiny day in the SF bay, which can only lead to a minor medley of pop songs for the workday walk/bus/commute adventure. Loads of attention is being directed at Camera Obscura of late, and this song has been working its' way into my daily rotation.

::: Camera Obscura - Lloyd I'm Ready

(Side Note: For years I wondered how Vermeer was so damn exacting, and then it turns out he was a big fan of the camera obscura. Almost as unnerving as finding out that Robert Bechtle worked from photographs)

And, what indie/pop mixtape is complete without some New Pornogrpahers? Here's my favorite track off of their latest, Twin Cinema. And, for good measure, some solo releases from Neko Case (opening track from her Blacklisted album, not the new one) and AC Newman (my most definite favorite song from his The Slow Wonder release, which is absolutely brilliant).

::: The New Pornographers - Use It
::: Neko Case - Things That Scare Me
::: AC Newman - Most Of Us Prizefighters

You can pick up any of these albums online here, or from your local independent record store.

[Virtual high fives go out to Souled On and Luna for linking this direction.]
[Art credit goes to sam flores. you can pick up some of his designs on t-shirts here or vinyl figure creations here.]