Tuesday, April 18, 2006

MUSIC: Calexico to Band Of Horses

So, you ask, what is the connection between Calexcio and Band of Horses? Well, the answer is Sam Beam my friends. Calexico did a recent album with Iron & Wine, which is Sam Beam's band. Sam did a song with Carissa's Wierd, the previous incarnation of Band of Horses. See for yourself.

::: Calexico - Cruel (Live @ KEXP)
::: Calexico / Iron & Wine - Red Dust
::: Carissa's Wierd with Sam Beam - Chelsea Hotel No.2
::: Band of Horses -The Funeral (Live @ KEXP)

There are actually a couple reasons I wanted to do this post. and here they are:
1. It's a good opportunity to point you in the direction of So Much Silence, the original destination for live radio session recordings and many other fantastic musings. Both the Calexico and Band of Horses live tracks above originated there, so show them some love.
2. I think the Red Dust song off the "In The Reins" collaboration is the best on the whole album. It's just my favorite and I was looking for an excuse to post it.
3. Also, you gotta love KEXP, out of Seattle. Just what radio should be in my opinion. I listen to their stream daily, which I'm sure annoys the IT guys in my department.

As always, you can buy album by the above artists here.