Monday, April 10, 2006

MUSIC: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

With all of the (well-deserved) attention the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are getting these days due to their excellent sophomore release (titled Show Your Bones), I thought it might be appropriate to share an older track of theirs. This track comes from a Kill Rock Stars compilation called "Fields and Streams" released in 2002. I think it shows their early energy but has the feel of a song some of their new fans might immediately embrace.

::: Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Modern Things

Also, for those of you who missed it, YYY guitarist Nick Zinner released a book of photography in the fall titled "I Hope You Are All Happy Now" which is also excellent. It's a trip to see through the eyes of a rock star (or artist, or musician, whatever you prefer), even for a brief moment. Here's a sample.

You can score a cheap used copy from Strand Bookstore here. (I love Strand, I really really do). Pick up releases from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs here.