Wednesday, April 05, 2006

MUSIC: Two Gallants

Coming on strong with a new release on Saddle Creek records, these Two troubadors (nay, Gallants) from the Bay Area are finally getting some national attention. Oft-described as the confluence between folk and punk, their dirty love child is full of energy and passion and sadness and beer and all the other good/bad things in life. For your sampling pleasure, I present to you a track off last year's Believe Magazine Music Issue compilation (a cover of a Blear song).

::: Two Gallants - Anna's Sweater (Blear Cover)

Tracks from their latest release (titled What the Toll Tells) are all over the internet these days (may I recommend Las Cruces Jail as a good place to start). You can buy the album here.
I actually haven't embraced this album as much as their debut release (The Throes) but I believe it's the case of nostalgia.

Believer magazine is quite awesome as well, their compilation CD featured songs by Wolf Parade, The Decemberists, The Shings, Devendra Banhart, Spoon, and others. Their website also says they have some back issues of the Music issue available so order yours here.