Wednesday, March 15, 2006

ART: Banksy

I don't remember exactly where I first saw Banksy's work (fantastic website). Perhaps it was NYC, but I'm not quite sure. Regardless, with all the recent buzz of so-called "street art", this artist has been pushed to the forefront of the movement (i don't like that term, however). About a year ago I was in Buenos Aires and the graffiti there blew me away, an absolutely spectacular collection of intricate work. It was so refreshing to see it approached as art rather than vandalism. This distinction is even more apparent in Banksy's subject matter, as he embraces both the whimsical, the political, and everything in between. It's an actual commentary on the world, rather than a reflection of it. (Side note: the actual identity of Banksy is hidden behind a thick veil of secrecy, which i love)

I know there are countless other artists out there involved in providing "public works", so please email me ( or comment so as to point me in their direction. It's an exciting subsystem of art that is now getting the relevant press it deserves.