Friday, February 24, 2006

MUSIC: The Good Fear & White Whale

Guess that you can't mention one band without mentioning the other, as there's some serious cross-talk involved here. F'ing good music, seems like White Whale gets alot of Arcade Fire comparisons, which'll light a couple of you up. The Good Fear are a little more straightforward in my opinion, but with equal intensity. I think that's what links the two bands.... one part fire, one part grit, one part gumption.

Go ahead and check out their MySpace pages.

The Good Fear (MySpace)
White Whale (MySpace)

And for those of you who want to jump straight to the music, here's a few tracks.

::: White Whale - The Admiral (courtesy of Music For Robots)
::: The Good Fear - Outsiders
::: The Good Fear - Blow Away

No album as of yet from White Whale, but you can get The Good Fear's latest ("Keep In Touch") from their website. Order away.