Monday, April 03, 2006

ART: Jesse Reno

In my world, Jesse Reno is to art what Band of Horses is to music these days...... Meaning, it's the hottest game in it's world. Go ahead and cruise on over to his website which is huge, it's amazing how prolific this guy is. The most amazing thing is that his stuff is incredibly affordable (you can get a 20x20 piece for around $200), so if you're into it you gotta make it happen. I bought a piece a couple days after I ran into his stuff in a SF gallery.

Stylistically, he's extremely expressive (in both his brushwork and color selection). His subject matter centers around a particular kind of figure study or a world inhabited by half-animal, half-human, all-imaginative beings. His use of negative space is fantastic (which is good, since he doesn't ground his figures in any kind of setting).

Let me know what you think, and get a slice of original art while you can.