Wednesday, May 03, 2006

MUSIC: Okay (From Oakland)

Had the rare experience last night of thoroughly enjoying an opening act. As posted yesterday, I attended the Sunset Rubdown show in SF during the evening. One of the opening acts was called Okay, which is apparently the moniker for lead singer Marty Anderson's many band incarnations (think of how Molina handles the Magnolia Electric line-up). Their sound is somewhere in between Architecture in Helsinki and Animal Collective, as they tend to use lots of instruments (xylophones, kazooos, you name it). The result was just fantastic. They recently released two albums (one called "High Road" and the other "Low Road") simultaneously through Absolutely Kosher Records. You can order them from the band's label-run website. There are also four tracks on their myspace page for your listening pleasure.
Here are four total tracks, two from each album.

High Road
::: Okay - Compass
::: Okay - Give Up

Low Road
::: Okay - Now
::: Okay - We

I highly encourage you to buy these albums, it's a young band with alot of talent. Also, if you get a chance to see them live it'd be a good decision. Interesting show style, lots of stuff going on, plus you get to see all the crazy instruments.

[Photo credit goes to Birds of Westwood. This one here is a red tailed hawk bird.]