Friday, April 28, 2006


So today's edition highlights yet another band out of Arkansas. However, unlike the other "new" bands I've been posting, this one has been around for a while. Ho-Hum, based out of Little Rock, plays a straightforward blend of rock and pop. It's like the love child of The Wrens and Coldplay or something. Their latest release (titled "Losty") can be ordered from their label through the website. Here are a couple tracks off of that release:

::: Ho-Hum - The Ax (long but good!)
::: Ho-Hum - Senator Meet Kid
::: Ho-Hum - The Mirror Song

Getting dangerously close to a political commentary, I think it's worty of mentioning here that one of the members of Ho-Hum, Rod Bryan, is in the process of running for Governor of Arkansas. He recently obtained enough signatures to get on the ballot. His platform is extremely progressive and features alot of environmentally-friendly proposals, which is kind of groundbreaking in the state of Arkansas. Cruise on over to his website and check out his blog, both of which are totally excellent. His "Why I'm Running" and "Vision of Arkansas" essays are fantastic......

[photo credit goes to an interesting online journal also from little rock. good web design to boot.]