Wednesday, May 03, 2006

MUSIC: More Lucero Info

Insound has Lucero's "That Much Further West" re-issued double album on sale for only 8 bucks. The album was originally released on Tigerstyle before that label folded. Their website seems to still be down. Anyhow, the second disc includes a bunch of demos, instrumentals, alternate versions, and such. It's a good deal, so I thought I'd pass it on. BUY IT HERE. (They also have free shipping on orders over $30)

::: Lucero - That Much Further West

Lucero's website is also doing pre-orders for the re-release of their Attic Tapes album. It's another fantastic album. Here's a link to my previous Lucero post which has some tracks from that album and another off of their self-titled release, which you can buy here.

Zombies Ate My Blog posted last week about a recent show in Missouri, Aquarium Drunkard has some touring information, and I recently read where they're planning a new album already to follow up last year's excellent Nobody's Darlings which is also only 10 bucks at Insound.

[Photo credit goes to Adam Smith]