Thursday, May 11, 2006

MUSIC: Magic Weapon

I've got a serious penchant for side projects, and here's another one on recommendation from GCINBC who replied to my request for more information on the side projects of Wolf Parade members. Magic Weapon fits the bill in a roundabout kind of way, as it involves Jordan Robson Cramer. He's the drummer/guitarist for Sunset Rubdown, the side project for Wolf Parade vocalist/keyboarder Spencer Krug. So I guess this is a project once removed or something. Anyhow, it's more of a shoegazer/electronica kind of thing than WP or SR; it however retains the lo-fi/experimental tendencies of it's cousins. The other member of MW is Mathieu Malouf, anyone got any dirt on him? Here are a couple of tracks which are available for download from their myspace page (which also hints at an album in the works).

::: Magic Weapon - Tree Giants
::: Magic Weapon - Fireflies

[Photo credit goes to the Flickr account of A Girl Named Eve; She's got lots of interesting shots from an intimate perspective.]