Friday, May 19, 2006

MUSIC: Oh No! Oh My! (Friday Goodness)

A couple months back, The Underrated Blog urged me to order the CDR's of Oh No! Oh My! (and their previous incarnation The Jolly Rogers) so I did. I'm a pushover when it comes to cheap new music. Anyhow, the buzz is building around ONOM's self-titled (major) debut album. Oft-compared to The Shins for those of you who need a reference point, they play upbeat indie-pop numbers. Here's a cut from their album plus my favorite track from their Jolly Rogers demo (hand claps included!).

::: Oh No! Oh My! - Walk In The Park
::: The Jolly Rogers - Oh Be One (awesome)

And for you Shins fans out there, here's the Postal Service cover off the Believer Magazine music issue comp from last year. The 2006 Music Edition of the magazine will be released next month sometime (June/July apparently) and I haven't seen anything on whether or not they're including a CD (but I assume they will). Last year's collection of covers was excellent (I've posted many of them) and included songs by Wolf Parade (see here), The Decemberists, Two Gallants (see here), Spoon (see here), and Devendra Banhart among others. Highly encouraged listening. (PS - Excellent magazine all around if you're into that whole literature thing, 45 bucks for a subscription)

::: The Shins - We Will Become Sillhouettes (Postal Service cover)

You can buy most these albums here, except the Believer Comp can be ordered here. Oh No! Oh My! is 11 bucks on the front page of Insound.

A couple requisite shout-outs to Brooklyn Vegan and Bird in the City for linking this direction. Both are excellent blogs and deserve a read, especially for you NYC-centric folk. Especially important since I'll be in the Big Apple next week.....

[Photo credit goes to asaresquares]