Monday, May 15, 2006

MUSIC: Monday Short Mix

Sometimes a couple new tracks can make the difference on a slow Monday.

A little country band from Little Rock called The Munks plays some fantastically warm songs, here's one for you.
::: The Munks - Believe

Here's my favorite song by current blog darling Beirut. I haven't delved into the whole album (Gulag Orkestar) as of yet, can anyone say that it's worth it?
::: Beirut - Mount Wroclai

The Court & Spark just released a new album called Hearts, but this track is off of the Will Oldham tribute album buy Tract Records. You can order it from their website.
::: The Court & Spark - The Sun Highlights The Lack In Each (Will Oldham cover)

I'm really looking forward to TV On The Radio's new album. Still loving the political track they released.
::: TV On The Radio - Dry Drunk Emperor

And, to top it off, here's Spoon doing a cover of a Yo La Tengo track. I love both bands so it makes sense that I'd like this one. It's from Believe Magazine's music issue last year, you can still pick it up (highly recommended) from their website.
::: Spoon - Decora (Yo La Tango Cover)

You can buy most of these albums here.

[Photo credit goes to may|ing's flickr account]