Friday, July 14, 2006

MUSIC: Lucero (Rebels, Rogues, & Sworn Brothers)

It's an exciting time around here at Macktronic, as we all await the release of Lucero's new album titled "Rebels, Rogues, & Sworn Brothers". The anticipation reached a dangerous point when Kiss Atlanta and Muzzle of Bees posted a new song slated for the album called "I Can Get Us Out Of Here Tonight" (a brilliant track that highlights a new use of keyboards) as well as their thoughts on the whole album. It's textbook (awesome) Lucero, but the new keyboards give it a different feel similar to the strings in Attic Tapes. Here's my favorite track off the new album:

::: Lucero - San Francisco

How could I not pick a song called "San Francisco", being from the Bay Area and all. I started listening to the album this morning, made it three times through already and this track is stuck in my head. (And I agree with so many of you out there.... Why in the world hasn't this band taken off? Why isn't this music played in every bar in America? It absolutely blows my mind.) Lucero is slowly building an incredible catalog of albums, racking up miles upon miles on the road winning over fans, and conistently pushing themselves as a band. Seriously, my hat is off to these guys.

Here's a complete tracklist to "Rebels, Rogues, & Sworn Brothers", due out on September 26.

01 - What Else Would You Have Me Be
02 - I Don't Wanna Be The One
03 - San Francisco
04 - I Can Get Us Out Of Here Tonight
05- 1979
06 - Cass
07 - The Mountain
08 - Sing Me No Hymns
09 - The Weight of Guilt
10 - She Just That Kind of Girl
11 - On The Way Back Home
12 - She Wakes When She Dreams

If you want to check out some more music by Lucero, check out some of my other posts (here, here, and here). There'll be a pre-order for the new album set up through the band's website pretty soon, but if you're in the need for some Lucero right now you can order albums through Insound. For 10% off any order, use the code "ilovesummer10", or for 15 % off any order over 50 bucks, use the code "ilovesummer15". And, free shipping with orders over 30 bucks.

[Photo credit goes to trossmantle.]