Monday, June 26, 2006

MUSIC: Radiohead @ The Greek Theatre (Berkeley, CA)

I got a chance to check out Radiohead on Friday night, the first of two shows they were playing at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. Foeweel has the entire show, complete with mp3's and a nice review. Apparently, Persistent Sound did the recording, but I couldn't find anything on that.

Anyhow, it was a fantastic show. Lots of new stuff (which was complained about incessantly on the radio, as mentioned in Foeweel's review, which I also listened to on the way home), some new stuff, and an amazing ambiance created by the typical Bay Area fog rolling over the Greek Theatre. Here's a couple of my favorite Radiohead tracks, for what it's worth.

::: Radiohead - No Surprises
::: Radiohead - Sit Down. Stand Up.
::: Radiohead - Nobody Does It Better (live)

You can buy albums by Radiohead at Insound.

[Photo credit goes to Thomas Hawk.]