Thursday, June 22, 2006

MUSIC: The "F" Word

So it seems like "fuck" is consistently slipping itself into Macktronic these days. Heck, the word's even the subject of a fairly recent documentary (See "Fuck"'s IMDB page here). It's a versatile word.... band names, song titles, album titles, lyrics, you name it. Here's a sampling:

::: Holy Fuck - Tonebank Computer
::: The Fucking Champs - Andres Segovia Interests Me
::: Fuck Off Machete - Copper and Lead Fight

Just for the record, I love the band name Fuck Off Machete. Now, what about songs with F in the title?

::: Big Black - Talk About Fucking
::: Liz Phair - Fuck And Run
::: The Coup - Laugh Love Fuck

Or the million versions of "Fuck The Police" that are out there. That's a seminal F word song if there ever was one. And, one of the more favorite lyrical approaches to the F word, referencing an animal.

::: Nine Inch Nails - Closer

You can buy albums containing these songs here. Please do so if you're rocking out to them regularly.

[Another thing that set this post off was seeing a "Fuck Art Let's Kill" sticker at the Toronado Pub in SF]

[Photo credit goes to bright tal; she seems to like colorful, geometric compositions.]