Friday, June 09, 2006

MUSIC: Friday Indie Instrumentals

Sometimes I'm in the mood to listen to songs that leave out the words. So here's a little compilation of some of my favorite instrumental songs. Some are by artists who normally use vocalists, others are by straight instrumental groups.

Here's the intro track for the latest album from A Frames. Just a fantastic tone-setter for the rest of the album. (By the way, Black Forrest II and III are painfully good).
::: A Frames - Black Forrest I
(Definitely check out their latest album, out on Sub Pop)

Ratatat is coming back to us, my friends. New album called "Classics" being released in August. See their website for more information, including plans for some 12" singles. I plain loved their last offering, here's my favorite track.
::: Ratatat - Desert Eagle
(I love the fact that there's a wiki page on the desert eagle)

Here's a band that I'll most likely highlight at some point in this macktronic experiment. Storm the Castle, who have an awesome website, cannot do wrong with this track.
::: Storm The Castle - Victory.... But At What Cost?

Perennial favorites around here, Kings of New England, lay down an awesome little instrumental track on their release titled "On The Cusp".
::: Kings Of New England - 2 Year Stand

Bay Area experimentalist (and multi-instrumentalist) Delux did some damage with his debut EP, here's a track off of that one.
::: Delux - Informed

Part of the oft-celebrated and heavily lauded Arcade Fire crew did a side project called Bell Orchestre which many of you have probably heard of, I'm assuming. Here's my favorite song off of their "Recording A Tape The Colour Of Light" release.
::: Bell Orchestre - The Upwards March

I'm a huge off-and-on fan of Bonobo, currently residing in the "on" stage. Again, this is an excellent excellent song, even sans words.
::: Bonobo - Kota

A new fascination around these parts is Holy Fuck (more info coming soon), and here's a song off their self-titled album.
::: Holy Fuck - Korock

Lots of songs here, if you like any of them please buy the albums. Most of them you can buy from Insound, but others require a bit of extra work. You can buy the Holy Fuck album through Maple Music here. Contact Kings of New England through their MySpace page to get their album. Same with Storm The Castle, direct contact will be needed to get your hands on their demo.

[Photo credit goes to the super talented akida. I love her photos.]