Thursday, June 01, 2006


Thought you guys might be interested in this online magazine that was recommended to me by a very trusted source. Take a look at Dry Ink Magazine...... Here'a little blurb on what they're about from the website:

"Dry Ink Magazine is dedicated to bringing an insightful and well-timed look into music, art, film, literature and urban culture. Our profiles, interviews and feature stories strive to chronicle the role of the underdog, investigate the character and motives of the artist and celebrate the timeless players of influence. This endeavor is a grassroots one, undertaken and supported by a community of writers, artists and musicians who love to tell stories and have a story to tell.

We will publish a new loosely-themed issue every month, or pretty close to it. We'll also be updating in between publications with new tales and happenings, so check back often. Please sign our mailing list to receive all the news from Dry Ink."

There's an excellent article on Lucero, one of Macktronic's favorite bands, in the first issue. Here's a couple (previously posted) sample songs for those of you not familiar with their brand of awesomeness.

::: Lucero - That Much Further West
::: Lucero - Into Your Eyes
::: Lucero - Diamond State Heartbreak
::: Lucero - Hello Sadness
::: Lucero - Little Silver Heart

Buy the Lucero albums at Insound, and you can get "That Much Further West" for only 8 bucks. They've also got the reissued Attic Tapes, which I blogged about here. Every album is incredibly solid, I can promise you that.

[Photo credit goes to drp]