Thursday, June 01, 2006

MUSIC: Apollo Up!

Ah, how I love the post-punk movement (although we could argue that we're recycling some sounds, but isn't that always that case?)..... Anyhow, here's a band out of Nashville that plays some extremely solid music. Apollo Up! (another exclamation point band, i.e. Oh No! Oh My! or Panic! At The Disco) has an album coming out this month on Theory 8 Records. Try out a couple of the tracks.

::: Apollo Up! - Invisible Syllable
::: Apollo Up! - Cut Up
::: Apollo Up! - Plans

Catchy from the first listen, if I do say so myself. Each Note Secure has two more songs if you're interested. Apparently, these fellas are playing as part of the Desdemona Festival in Cincinnati so check them out if you're in the area along with a host of other bands. It looks like an excellent line-up (Ghostface Killa, Stellastarr*, The Walkmen, and many others).

[Photo credit goes to hiromama]