Tuesday, May 30, 2006

MUSIC: DangerDoom (New Free EP)

My fascination (read: obsession) with MF Doom and his projects has been illuminated in this blog before. See here for my another post with a number of awesome rap tracks and here for another DangerDoom-related post. I think that the stuff he does is so much more on point than 99% of the mainstream rap out these days. These collaborative albums are also pushing the boundaries left and right (see: Madvillain, Gnarls Barkley).

I don't know exactly when they released this FREE ep of new DangerDoom tracks, skits, and remixes but I'm all for it. You can download the whole thing from [adult swim]'s DangerDoom Occult Hymn EP website. Here's a sample track:

::: DangerDoom - Korn Dogz

Anyone got any hip-hop/rap recs in this vein?

[Photo credit goes to Out of Tune. She's takes some awesomely weird shots.]