Sunday, May 28, 2006

MUSIC: Dear Eskiimo

Got an email from the lead singer of this band, Dear Eskiimo, recently and was enamored from the start. (It doesn't hurt that she's quite the looker, I imagine). More importantly, however, is their music. Fantastically playful, definitely UK-ish if there is such a tag. Her voice reminds me of Bjork, but I'm sure the bjorkophiles out there might jump down my throat for saying that. Here are a couple tracks for your listening pleasure, off their myspace page. I believe that the only release to date is an EP.

::: Dear Eskiimo - Pretty
::: Dear Eskiimo - Jack & Jill
::: Dear Eskiimo - Patience

[This photo looks like a Banksy piece, and it comes from What What's flickr page which has tons of street art shots]