Monday, June 05, 2006

MUSIC: Song Titles Go Hollywood

Fame is such a fickle creature. It's trappings include paparazzi, award shows, and getting songs named after you. Some folks even get songs named after their characters. Here are few I had in my head, but I'm sure there are loads of others. Leave a comment and let me know of some good ones I missed.....

::: Gorillaz - Bill Murray
::: Adam Green - Jessica Simpson
::: Kings of New England - Topper Harley
::: Black Nasty - Rudy Huxtable

And, even though she's not technically Hollywood, she's too awesome not to be included.
::: The Hold Steady - Stevie Nix

And, Rick Rubin is the man.
::: Spank Rock - Rick Rubin

I'm hoping that this little post can lead to a Hollywood-Song-Titles mixtape, and maybe a version 2 with Musicians-As-Song-Titles edition!

As always, you can buy these albums here, except for the Kings of New England one which you might have to get directly through the band's myspace page.

[Photo credit goes to lilylord]