Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MUSIC: Song Titles Go Hollywood (Addendum!!)

Continuing Monday's post of "Song Titles Go Hollywood", I thought I'd drop some more tracks on you. First off, I can't believe I forgot the Mu track about Paris Hilton last time. (I also couldn't bring myself to lead-in with a photo of Paris; likewise, if you haven't heard her new track cruise on over to Stereogum. She's an utter parody at this point). Getting to the point, here are the tracks.....

::: Gorillaz - Dirty Harry
::: Mu - Paris Hilton
::: Jhae (Feat. Bumba) - Lindsay Lohan
::: Boyskout - Jesse James

[I realize that the Jesse James in the above tracks is not the Jesse James of motorcycle/sandra bullock fame, or even the wrestler; there are also many more jesse james songs out there]
[Thanks to Aquarium Drunkard for the Lohan track]
[Photo credit goes to duncan who has some amazing pictures of tags on his flickr page]