Thursday, June 08, 2006

MUSIC: Tel Aviv

Seriously, these tracks have been in near-constant rotation over my last week, you've got to check them out. Tel Aviv is out of Little Rock and I had the pleasure of catching a few of their early shows a while back. Excellent live, and the recordings actually do some justice to their music. Try these on for size.....

::: Tel Aviv - About Hysteria
::: Tel Aviv - Sunburned LA
::: Tel Aviv - Black Marketeering

But, the big news is the release of their EP which you can pick up for only $5 through the PayPal link on their myspace page. Here's a review of the EP I found on Indieville.....

This pretty little homemade EP comes courtesy of Tel Aviv, a promising young indie rock act out of Arkansas. They have a slick, modern style that wouldn't feel out of place in New York (think a less glossy Cloud Room), with hip basslines and very memorable melodies. "Sunburned LA" starts the disc off with a brooding sound and an infectious "we move from small towns to LA" vocal part.

"About Hysteria," the EP's strongest track, uses a dark keyboard part and a desperate vocal delivery to convey a wonderful sense of urgency to the listener. It's impressive how cohesive it sounds with just keyboard and no guitar. After the eight minute plus "Vampire/DJ/Stripclub," a moody, moving instrumental (inessential but entertaining), Tel Aviv finishes Lay Me Down off with Strokesy "Ill Office" and keyboard-intense "Securities." Based on this EP, I see Tel Aviv as a very solid act on the cusp of a recognized indie rock career. Whether they'll succeed in today's crowded music climate remains to be seen, but they do have the chops.

There's one more track on their myspace page and another on pure volume, if you're interested. Go ahead and order the EP if you're into the tracks above, you won't be disappointed. Plus you get to support an up-and-coming band, and that gives you the warm fuzzy feeling we all love so much.

[Photo credit goes to John Conners]