Tuesday, June 13, 2006

MUSIC: Macktronic Mixtape #1

It's a day of firsts around here at Macktronic! Announcing the first ever Macktronic Mixtape, containing my favorite tracks of recent history (some highlighted here previously, others not). Huzzah! Details after the excellent excellent tracklist.

Macktronic Mixtape Volume 1 (MMV1)
Track 1 ::: The Good Fear - "Heroes/Outsiders"
Track 2 ::: Built To Spill - "Car"
Track 3 ::: American Princes - "In The Dark"
Track 4 ::: Modest Mouse - "Never Ending Math Equation"
Track 5 ::: Lucero - "Sixteen"
Track 6 ::: Kings of Leon - "Taper Jean Girl"
Track 7 ::: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Phenomena"
Track 8 ::: Tapes 'N Tapes - "Insistor"
Track 9 ::: Birdmonster - "Resurrection Song"
Track 10 ::: Tel Aviv - "About Hysteria"
Track 11 ::: Kings of New England - "Woodson Lateral"
Track 12 ::: Right On Dynamite - "Hard To Know"

Now, of course, these aren't all of my favorite tracks but rather a sampling that carries a similar tone throughout. And the tone you ask? It's in the tone of awesome.

And, as always, support these artists if you like their songs by buying the albums. Most can be purchased through Insound while others require direct contact with the band. Additional information can be found in the archives of Macktronic or by emailing me at macktronic@gmail.com.

[Photo credit goes to me. It's on my FlickR page.]