Tuesday, June 20, 2006

MUSIC: 10% Animal

Got a fantastic music tip from I Rock Cleveland a bit ago on 10% Animal, the side project of Black Keys member Patrick Carney (Read their original post here; leave'em some comments too). Dig on these excellent rock tracks.

::: 10% Animal - The Whale
::: 10% Animal - Burglurglery
::: 10% Animal - Tribal Taboo

No album plans that I know of yet, but I imagine that they'll eventually get around to releasing something on the the BK's label called Audio Eagle, which is distributed by Fat Possum. So these demo tracks will have to keep us satiated for the time being.....

[The good folks over at I Rock Cleveland also did a little review of a Macktronic favorite, American Princes (new album titled "Less and Less"); you can read it here.]
[Photo credit goes to nicolai g; many more pinhole photos on his flickr page, check it out.]