Friday, June 23, 2006

ART: Damon Soule

Alot of my recent art attention has been aimed at this artist, Damon Soule. I find his paintings to be an excellent modern exercise, combining elements of street art, geometric figuration, and a good deal of skill. You can see lots more of his works at his website, which is excellent. He is currently showing at Lineage Gallery in Philadelphia; wish that I could see this two-man show (the other artist is Mars-1).

My introduction to him came through Luna Park, a restaurant in SF. They've got three large works there (owned by the restaurant) which have been up since the beginning. Hotel Des Arts has one room which was painted/designed by Soule as well (see it here). Lots of other up-and-coming artists have painted rooms there, see the list here.

[Photo credit goes to the Lineage Gallery.]