Tuesday, July 11, 2006

WRAP: Tuesday's Good Sh*t

Busy weekend highlighted by (what i thought was) a great World Cup final. Ran across the picture above while cruising FlickR, which is where I get most the images for this blog. Sometimes the accounts don't share the images so I can't link to the pictures directly, which sucks. So, I thought this'd be a good chance to float a couple great Flickr Photo Gallery links your direction:

gAntico ---> fanatastic italian victory shots
merkley ---> shoots some dang pretty girls (bay area!)
roidrage ---> dude takes tons of awesome polaroids
suzanna ---> weird taste, great photographs
kelco ---> some beautiful shots in here

And, what would this blog be without music? After all, it is a music blog of sorts.....

Got referred to Professor Murder from Insound's newsletter. Damn, it is some catchy stuff. I'm a sucker for punchy techno rock sometimes (in addition to smoky voices, bass intros, and knee-high socks). Their EP is available now, and some live tracks are on their website. Here's a song, which rocks accordingly.

::: Professor Murder - Free Stress Test

Spoon's another Macktronic favorite, if you're keeping tabs on such things. Here's a track off their Soft Effects EP and another from the Telephono EP. These are being reissued (out on July 25) but I don't see the "Mountain of Sound" song on the tracklist (what gives?). Credit goes to largehearted boy for these tracks.

::: Spoon - Idiot Driver
::: Spoon - Mountain Of Sound

Here's a great track from a new Bay Area band called The Parish. They play a great brand of indie/country/rock (as described by their myspace page), which you can see for yourself on the track below. According to the myspace page, where you can also listen to three more songs, they've just finished recording and mixing their debut album so it'll be coming down the pipeline sooner rather than later. I'll see what I can do on getting some more of the tracks.....

::: The Parish - Land Of Wires

That's it for now, kids. Enjoy. And buy some new music. (use the code "ilovesummer10" at Insound for 10% all purchases!)

[Photo credit goes to Kaptain Kobold.]