Saturday, July 08, 2006

THEME: "Monster" Tracks

Who doesn't love a good monster? And who doesn't love a good monster song (and I'm not talking any of that Monster Ballads mularkey)? Not me, that's for dang sure. Hit it.

::: Les Savy Fav - Tragic Monsters
::: Band Of Horses - Monster
::: Mogwai - 1% Of Monster
::: Sound Team - Movie Monster
::: King Geedorah - Monster Zero

As always, you should buy these albums if you like the music. One good place to do this is Insound, which is having a summer special. For 10% off any order, use the code "ilovesummer10" at checkout. For 15% off any order over 50 bucks, use the code "ilovesummer15". And, free shipping with orders over 30 bucks.

[I can't resist posting Les Savy Fav tracks; just plain awesomeness. Also, the King Geedorah album is sick. Get it.]

[Photo credit goes to massdestraction.]