Tuesday, September 09, 2008

REVISIT: Panther

Since I had the pleasure of catching another live Panther show last night, along with the excellent E*Rock and Ratatat, I figured it was topical to post some here. This song has seeped into my weekly spin list, and it comes from a couple different spots: a compilation released by the esteemed label States Rights Records (where you can get the whole double CD for only $10) and a self-released 2007 Tour CD. The track's got a nice lounge feel to it, which I appreciate.

::: Panther - Taxes

AND, as if I wouldn't mention it, we've got a few copies left of the limited edition Panther 7-inch over here at Gold Robot Records. Check it out here, and get one for yourself (and a friend).

::: Panther - How Well Can You Swim

You can catch the Ratatat/Panther/E*Rock tour (and I suggest you do just that) as they dance across the states and into Europe. See here for the dates/venues/etc.

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