Sunday, May 11, 2008

MUSIC: Sweetie

Time for another release from Gold Robot Records, this time from San Francisco's very own Sweetie. The 4 song EP, titled Saturdays, will officially drop on May 27th. It is being released on red colored vinyl in a limited run of 500 copies with hand-screened covers. See more details here. Jen Chochinov of Wiretap sums up Sweetie's sound nicely:

"To me Sweetie is the quintessential Indie pop/rock band. Catchy, catchy guitar & synth hooks with really sweet, laid back vocals. Omar's vocals remind me of a slightly softer and more soothing Ira Kaplan (of Yo La Tengo), and I was bobbing my head in total joy.
Their brand of indie rock is the kind I can listen to non-stop – it was like that feeling when you're on a road trip and you chance upon an awesome college radio station that is playing everything you want to hear exactly how you want to hear it. Sweetie brought back the joy of new band discovery for me, and for that I say thank you."

Here's a free track off of the Saturdays EP (get a copy for yourself pronto).

::: Sweetie - Killing the Crown

Pre-order the vinyl EP for only 5 bucks. Each purchase also receives a digital download code for mp3's of the entire release.

[Sweetie on myspace.]
[Download Music from eMusic; 25 song free trial.]
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[Photo credit goes to falcos11.]

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