Thursday, April 24, 2008

MUSIC: Bonnie Prince Billy (New Demo Track)

A slight regurgitation, but the track provided by Drag City was in .m4a format. Plus, I'm a sucker for anything new from the hands of Will Oldham. This track, although rough, certainly falls nicely into his recent (abundant) basket of releases. It'll be fun to see how the song progresses before landing on the album (titled Lie Down in the Light, out in May). It's disturbing how spoiled I am; when news of a new BPB album comes out, all I say is "well, of course".

Personally, I love this lyric the most: "I'm a good bird, son, and now I'm free". (Certainly subject to interpretation).

::: Bonnie Prince Billy - So Everyone

Buy some Bonnie/Will/Palace, as it is wonderful wonderful stuff.

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[Photo credit goes to Alan Dejecacion.]

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