Friday, April 04, 2008

MUSIC: The Golden Boys

Came across a good band through the recent Monofonus Press sampler (which you can get for free here) called The Golden Boys (out of Austin, TX). Expansive rock with a hearty dash of psychedelic noise makes for a wonderful listening experience.

::: The Golden Boys - James The Gentle Dreamer (f/ an upcoming release)
::: The Golden Boys - Oooh Girl (f/ Whiskey Flower)
::: The Golden Boys - If I Can't Hold You In My Arms (f/ Whiskey Flower)

You can download more tracks directly from their myspace page. Buy Whiskey Flower directly from Hook or Crook (Oakland!).

[The Golden Boys on myspace.]
[Download Music from eMusic; 25 song free trial.]
[Buy music from Insound.]
[Find/Listen/Download music at The Hype Machine.]
[Photo credit goes to electricnarwhal.]

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