Tuesday, March 11, 2008

MUSIC: American Princes

That sound you hear is my bank account digitally shrinking, most recently the result of my pre-ordering the new American Princes album (titled Other People, out April 15th on Yep Roc Records). For you (few) longtime macktronic readers, you've heard me sing the praises of this Arkansas band a few times (the mp3 links are long dead). Not that you don't like hearing me opine on the virtues of a band, but here's what the venerable Arkansas Times recently had to say:

"...American Princes' new record, “Other People,” doesn't come out until April 14, but it's been done for months, and you've got to think the fellas are ready to start playing it live. Recorded with Chuck Brody, who's worked with the likes of Peter, Bjorn and John and the Wu-Tang Clan, the album has a sparkly '80s sheen to it, full of buoyant guitar work and dozens of sing-a-long hooks. The lyrics are as sharp as ever. Collins Kilgore and David Slade continue to split vocal duties, and relatively new guitarist Will Boyd offers up a way-impressive vocal contribution on one track. It's easily the band's best release."

I'm certainly looking forward to hearing more of the album, as well as hoping to catch them live (once they come westward; they're doing a SE tour with Lucero soon). Here's some sample tracks.

::: American Princes - Real Love (f/ Other People)
::: American Princes - I Want to Be Good (f/ Little Spaces)

You can pre-order the album here and receive some demo MP3's immediately. Or you can stream a few new songs over at their official website.]

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[American Princes on myspace.]
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