Friday, February 01, 2008

MUSIC: The Morning Benders

New news on local band The Morning Benders (they blog here) has recently surfaced surrounding their upcoming album called Talking Through Tin Cans. They've also got designs on a 7-inch which'll have a non-album b side (and we all know how much macktronic loves vinyl). The full-length, which drops on +1 Records soon, promises to build upon their insanely catchy catalog. Here's a new track they've unleashed on the world.

::: The Morning Benders - Crosseyed

Check them out live at the Bay Area's own Noise Pop Festival (Feb 28th with Kelley Stoltz and the Grand Archives) or this year's SXSW. You can also listen to a few more tracks off the new album or get your hands on their previously released EP's here.

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[Photo credit goes to timkang.]

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