Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I started listening to this album a while back but it somehow slipped from my consciousness. Then, I started hearing/reading more about Range Life Records out of Lawrence, Kansas. This small (but excellent) label only has a couple releases under their belt (White Flight, Fourth of July, 1 Million Light Years), including the debut album by DRI titled Smoke Rings. She's the ex-keyboardist from The Anniversary and also plays with Art In Manila, but this album leans a little more electronic with whispy/light vocals throughout. It's a strong debut and a perfect companion to these cold/bright months. Here's some tracks, including a remix by her labelmates.

::: Dri - What's Real
::: Dri - You Know I Tried
::: Dri - Meet Me Out (1M Light Years Remix)

You can order Smoke Rings through the Saddle Creek webstore.

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[Photo credit goes to hittheroad.]

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