Tuesday, January 08, 2008

MUSIC: Quinn Walker (and Suckers)

I've been listening to Quinn Walker tracks for around 3 years, and it's not because I have an amazing nose for talent. One of my housemates, upon returning from a trip to his childhood home of Connecticut, kept bringing home these sprawling, disjointed, manic CDR's from this kid he grew up with. There were always about 25 tracks packed onto each album, the covers were xeroxes of intricate/messy hand-drawn art. I'd listen to each one since I'd become accustomed to hearing 3 or 4 moments of brilliance among the rest of the (still quite good) noise. That's why it doesn't surprise me in the least that his first proper release is a double album (first since Cody ChestnuTT?). The debut release is titled Laughter's An Asshole / Lion Land, and drops January 29th on Voodoo Eros . There's also a good preview/analysis over at this Stereogum post. Here are some sample tracks for you to digest.

::: Quinn Walker - Save Your Love For Me
::: Quinn Walker - Baby Neon
::: Quinn Walker - Plenty Of Water For Mud

Buy Quinn's debut double-CD here for only 16 bucks.

Also, it's quite pertinent to mention another project involving Quinn. NY-based band, Suckers, also includes Austin Fisher, Brian Aiken, and a mystery man named Pan (I have no idea). I find it slightly more accessible, a little more reckless, and extremely enjoyable. Apparently the live performance should not be missed (come to the West Coast sometimes, perhaps). Anyhow, I don't know of any release plans bu they've got a few NE shows coming up at the end of January. These demo tracks are off their myspace page (nice of them to offer them up for download!).

::: Suckers - Afterthoughts and TV
::: Suckers - Easy Chairs
::: Suckers - Hiding Behind Waterfalls
::: Suckers - Kiss Goodnight

[Quinn Walker on myspace.]
[Suckers on myspace.]
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