Friday, November 30, 2007


Seriously, this is the best track I've heard in a long while. And, to make things even better, they're fellow East Bay kids. Part of the Anticon mob, it falls neatly into my obsession of damaged/crashing/folk/indie stylings. This is the title track off a new vinyl EP (details below), and it is the perfect companion to this brisk Friday in the Bay.

::: WHY? - The Hollows

The Hollows EP will be released as a 12" vinyl in the US by Anticon and in the EU through Tomlab, both with different B-sides. Tracklists are as follows:

A1. The Hollows
A2. By Torpedo Or Crohn's (a remix by Dntel)
B1. Yoyo Bye Bye (a cover by Xiu Xiu)
B2. Pre-teen Apocalyptic Film Acting (Medley) (a cover by Half-handed Cloud)

A1. The Hollows
A2. Good Friday (a remix by Boards of Canada)
B1. Yoyo Bye Bye (a cover by Dump)
B2. Broken Crow (a cover by Islands)

You can pick up the vinyl EP from Anticon here.

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[Photo credit goes to junebug in july.]

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