Wednesday, November 07, 2007

MUSIC: Glass Candy

Last Thursday I was at The Fillmore in SF to catch Panther (always awesome) open for Architecture in Helsinki (who were great), but what I didn't know was that I'd walk away with a new musical obsession. Glass Candy (Ida No and Johnny Jewel) hit me square in the face with death/disco/electronica; their show sounded amazing, their stage presence looked perfect. They've got 4 songs for free download over at their myspace page, here are the first two.

::: Glass Candy - Beautific (f/ 2007 Beatbox Tour CD)
::: Glass Candy - Digital Versicolor (f/ 2007 Beatbox Tour CD)

There is an absolute wealth of free downloads from previous Tour CDR's, sold-out 7-inch releases, and demos over at Glass Candy's official website. It's an absolute joy to see the songs take on new lives, following the growth and progression of a band. This website provided me with all kinds of excitement (I love the presentation and free distribution). Here are a couple sample tracks from an old tour CDR.

::: Glass Candy - Nite Nurses (f/ 2005 Tour CDR)
::: Glass Candy - Sugar & Whitebread (f/ 2005 Tour CDR)

As a thank you to the band for providing all those free tracks, you should buy a 7" single or CD, they've got a fantastic back catalog available. They've also got a new 12" out on Italians Do It Better, which you can pick up here. I would also suggest catching up with them on their current tour, which hits up most of the western states soon.

Nov 6 (Los Angeles @ The Troubador)
Nov 7 (Los Angeles @ The Troubador)
Nov 9 (Tucson @ Realto Theatre)
Nov 10 (Santa Fe @ The Moon)
Nov 12 (Norman @ Opolis)
Nov 13 (Denton @ Hailey's)
Nov 14 (Austin @ Emo's)
Nov 15 (New Orleans @ Republic)
Nov 17 (Houston @ The Backroom)
Nov 23 (Los Angeles @ Weekend Warriors)
Nov 24 (San Francisco @ Frisco Disco)
Nov 29 (Seattle @ Chop Suey)
Nov 30 (Portland @ Rotture)
Dec 7 (Miami @ Art Basel)

The most recent list will be up on their myspace page.

[Glass Candy official website.]
[Glass Candy on myspace.]
[Current Macktronic Contest.]
[Download Music from eMusic; free 25 song free trial.]
[Buy music from Insound.]
[Find/Listen/Download music at The Hype Machine.]
[Photo credit goes to dearestchloe.]

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