Monday, October 15, 2007

MISC: Music Blogs

It's been an interesting internet world of late with most of the attention centered around a certain band's self-leaking of a new album. Admittedly, this new model of distribution excited the pants off of me; seems like I've devoted alot of time reading articles/posts/etc which investigate the state of the music industry, in particular the role of mp3 blogs. (Obviously, of interest to yours truly. Here's a couple links, followed by some thoughts.

Pretty Goes With Pretty's blog post
titled Can't Talk; Hyping
Check out this four-parter which looks at the changing roles (goals?) of music blogs.

NY Times Freakonomics blog article called What's the Future of the Music Industry?
I really have no idea how this digital vs physical battle will shake out.

NY Magazine article on what the music business actually sells, called Facing the Music runs a good blog, all about their plight

Heck, even Popular Science is weighing in.

Obviously, this is just a short list of the many, many which exist out there. (I'd be interested in reading more if you want to leave some in the comments below). Many thanks to catbirdseat which got me started with the Freakonomics blog post linked above.

As it pertains to this particular endeavor (Macktronic), it's been fun to see the shifts/problems/paradoxes firsthand. When I first started this thing, I would get a kick out seeing how many hits a certain post could garner. Not so much so anymore. Similar to what was pointed out in the Pretty Goes With Pretty article, I get tired of reading about the same bands over and over and over in other blogs; entries stacked upon entries, mostly filler.

The goal of this thing has always been to easily share some of my musical fascinations with my friends (and, by extension, a wider audience). Some of the bands are popular, some aren't, but that's kind of the point of the exercise. (Being, "I like this, do you?"). I also enjoy listening to new stuff, whether I stumble upon it on my own or by way of a promotions department. I think many blogs feel pressure to post everything that passes through their inbox, even if it doesn't interest them. That's a bad habit. And although I'm a fairly horrid writer, I try to at least lay down a framework for why I post a track.

I'm sure that the focus/scope of this blog will continue to evolve based on my interests/tastes; Ideally not becoming a dreaded "filler blog".


In return for putting up with that rant/discussion, here's the first product of the Meanest Man Contest remix contest we're doing over at Gold Robot Records. Check it out.

::: Meanest Man Contest - They Do (Roman Ruins Remix)


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