Thursday, October 11, 2007

MUSIC: New Meanest Man Contest EP

The talented boys of MMC have released a new digital EP on Plug Research titled Some People. The cover art comes courtesy of Jeff Hurlow. They've been kind enough to offer the title track as a free download, so enjoy the heck out of it.

::: Meanest Man Contest - Some People (Just Get Off On Breaking Hearts)

Details and ordering information can be found here.

(Disclaimer/Reminder: Gold Robot Records has just released a limited edition 7" single by MMC; see the particulars here.)
And a bonus track from that cut.

::: Meanest Man Contest - Throwing Away Broken Electronics

And, you can pick up the nicely-reviewed-by-Pitchfork debut album from MMC over at Insound.

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[Meanest Man Contest on myspace.]
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[Photo credit goes to box of birds.]

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