Wednesday, October 31, 2007

VIDEO: Two Gallants

Check out the new video from Two Gallants for the track "Despite What You've Been Told" off their new self-titled (also seen as 2GS in some places) album. It was directed by Alexander Safdie and Ronald Schnetke while Doug McCann handled the director of photography duties. I'm enjoying it even though I've had this thing against clowns since It was on TV.

I last caught these local (SF) boys at the Treasure Island Music Festival, and they're as good as ever. The new album (released on Saddle Creek; love the hyphen in their web address) is a raucous collection of broken ballads and I consider it my perfect October 2007 album. If you're in Europe you might have a chance to catch them on their current extensive tour. Here's an mp3 for the video shown above.

::: Two Gallants - Despite What You've Been Told (f/ 2GS)

BONUS track from their The Scenery of Farewell EP of acoustic based songs released earlier this year. Also an enjoyable listen.

::: Two Gallants - Seems Like Home to Me (f/ The Scenery of Farewell)

You can buy all their albums here, and I suggest you do just that.

[Two Gallants official website.]
[Two Gallants on myspace.]
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