Wednesday, November 07, 2007

MUSIC/SHOWS: Lady Genius

Here's another exciting new Bay Area band, and you've got many chances to catch them live if you live in the SF area. Lady Genius (featuring members of the short-lived Macktronic favorite Volunteer Pioneer) are doing a Tuesdays in November residency at The Hotel Utah in San Francisco. Dates and opening acts are listed below.

Nov 6 @ the Hotel Utah (SF) w/ Beat Beat Whisper, Fits, Megamoog, Lamb, and Little Naps
Nov 13 @ the Hotel Utah (SF) w/ Foma and Drones Club
Nov 20 @ the Hotel Utah (SF) w/ Lazarus, Jessica Pratt, and Katrina Lamb
Nov 27 @ the Hotel Utah (SF) w/ Coconut and The Fat Acrobats

The esteemed SF Weekly described a recent show as "Shimmering, clean keyboards back up syncopated boy-girl harmonies for a harsh but pretty effect when Lady Genius takes the stage. Oh, sure, there's a plain guitar/bass/drum setup in there too, but this new local band is in the indie-wall-of-sound realm, so we hesitate to call it rock. We don't want to mislead you: This five-piece has too much sugar to be rock. In fact, Lady Genius even seems to be chewing some bubblegum, if you know what we mean. Good early-1960s bubblegum, but still, it's an unusual pop influence, at odds with the folk and metal that seem to lay down the law for a lot of groups. The result is like the Magnetic Fields crash-landing a flying saucer in New Pornographers-land."

::: Lady Genius - New York Through York

Keep an eye out for some debut recordings, and certainly check out the shows if you're in the Bay Area. These guys are super good.

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