Wednesday, March 05, 2008

MUSIC: Indian Jewelry

Ah, anticipation. Taking part in the time honored tradition, I hereby submit to you an album which I am excited to ascertain: Free Gold! by Indian Jewelry (out May 20 on We Are Free). If you haven't already joined the camp (via 2006's Invasive Exotics) then I imagine you will find yourself firmly entrenched soon enough. Every time I listen to Indian Jewelry I feel like I'm on the right side of an inside joke. Here's two tracks from their previous release, with whispered promises of a soon-to-emerge single for the forthcoming album.

::: Indian Jewelry - Lesser Snake
::: Indian Jewelry - Health and Wellbeing

Keep an eye on the We Are Free for more information re: Free Gold! or order Invasive Exotics here.

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[Indian Jewlery on myspace.]
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[Photo credit goes to Robby Garbett.]

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