Friday, March 21, 2008

REVISIT: Bright Eyes (Digital Ash in a Digital Urn)

Seems like this album (Digital Ash in a Digital Urn) fell by the wayside in comparison to the rest of the Bright Eyes catalog. However, I find it to be a welcome addition rather than a side-thought throwaway (as many reviews on the interweb seem to insinuate). In fact, I place it up near another Conor Oberst side project, Desaparecidos. Granted, it may not be the strongest "electronic" composition but it does sit well with the subject matter and vocal delivery. Anyhow, it's recently reappeared on my radar and I thought I'd pass that along.

::: Bright Eyes - Gold Mine Gutted
::: Bright Eyes - Arc of Time

You can buy the album here.

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[Photo credit goes to etouffle.]

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