Monday, August 18, 2008

RELEASE: Lady Genius

The rumors are true, Gold Robot Records has another new release! Coming on the heels of the already-sold-out Bonnie Prince Billy vinyl single, we're proud to present the first 10-inch record of GRR's brief history. San Francisco's very own Lady Genius offer up this 6-song gem of an EP, featuring stunning artwork and red colored vinyl in a limited pressing of 500 copies. Details and a full tracklist can be found here.

Buy your very own copy of the beautiful EP here. Each vinyl purchase includes a digital download code for the entire album. (If you're a digital-only kind of person, it's already up on iTunes, eMusic, and many other fine digital retailers.) Also, cruise on over to the esteemed Deli SF and cast a vote for Lady Genius is their "Band of the Month" poll.

Free MP3 sample to boot!
::: Lady Genius - New York Through York

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