Friday, August 22, 2008

RELEASE: Meanest Man Contest (Digital Only)

Wow, these Meanest Man Contest fellows are quite prolific. On the heels of some wonderful new tracks through RCRD LBL and the previous GRR release comes a new EP featuring some remixes, a cover version, and a new original track.

We Blame You is the first in a series of odds-and-ends EPs from the San Francisco/Los Angeles hip-hop/electronic pop duo. Three remixes of MMC faves – by Paris-based producer Débruit (Musique Large), San Francisco laptop king Mochipet (Daly City Records), and Dutch up-and-comer Multi-Panel – are rounded out by a cover from Roman Ruins (Gold Robot) and a new MMC track ("You're Right. It's Ballin'.").

Check out the tracklist:

1. We Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way (Débruit remix)
2. Throwing Away Broken Electronics (Mochipet remix f/ DJ Lion)
3. You're Right. It's Ballin'.
4. They Do (Multi-Panel remix)
5. They Do (Roman Ruins version)

The Multi-Panel remix was selected from numerous entries to our "They Do" remix contest. They were all excellent, and you'll start seeing some of them pop up over the coming months.

Here's a free MP3 from the EP, feel free to spread it around.

::: Meanest Man Contest - We Wouldn't Want It Any Other Way (Debruit Remix)

You can download the album through a number of digital retailers, including Emusic and iTunes.

[Meanest Man Contest on myspace.]
[Gold Robot Records home.]
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