Wednesday, September 27, 2006

MUSIC: Clicking Beetle Bad Omen Band

The amount of good music coming out of Little Rock absolutely blows my mind. For proof, check out Tel Aviv or The Good Fear or The Paper Hearts. Now comes another one..... Clicking Beetle Bad Omen Band. One could definitely file their sound under indie, but it's got some urgency in it that automatically hooked me. I really think they're onto something.

::: Clicking Beetle Bad Omen Band - Great Hungry Birds (highly rec'd)
::: Clicking Beetle Bad Omen Band - Bee Stings
::: Clicking Beetle Bad Omen Band - Please

There's no proper release for these guys, or even a website for that matter. All I've got for you is a myspace page which has one more song to download. Let's hope they've got some new stuff coming out soon.... this stuff is just too good.

[Photo credit goes to drinkkmepretty.]